Monday, December 10, 2012

The Straight Drive

Well as some of you might be knowing I also run a blog called The Cricket Wise where I primarily write about my views about the happenings in the World of Cricket. I also used to put up contest posts and book reviews occasionally. I often wondered that the non cricketing posts on a cricket blog must make a reader cringe and the space must be getting diluted. But I never went about creating another blog due to some important reasons (mainly laziness!!). But recently my friend Leo, a master poet and a cricket fanatic like me who blogs at I Rhyme Without Reason, suggested to me to create another blog if I intended to keep taking part in contests and if I continued do other posts which were not cricket related. After all a post related to shampoo or a soap does not go well with a cricket themed blog, does it??

The name that we mutually agreed on for this new blog was 'The Dressing Room' but since that url is not available I choose 'The Straight Drive', one of the most pleasing strokes to watch being played on the field of cricket. I intend to always play with a straight bat here showing its full face and giving the bat-sponsor some TV coverage!!!

Happy Reading!!


  1. I am so glad you listened to Leo and opened this blog! And I love how you connected the name of this blog with cricket!
    Good luck DS. I hope to see you 'poeming' here :)

  2. Thanks NS. So happy, this is the first comment on The Straight Drive! Not so sure about more poeming though!!

  3. I love the name you chose... quite unique. Welcome to blogging! Followed you on GFC.